Bob The Robber

Adventures are waiting for you! Rather go to the Bob The Robber category, which contains a collection of games about the robber Bob. Become the new avenger who will rob the rich ones. Embark on a journey full of dangers and adventures in which your freedom and life are at stake. Are you ready to become the best robber in the entire world?

From childhood, Bob was different from other children. An inquisitive boy from the cradle learned to break open locks to find out what is hiding behind him. So, he became a famous robber, but one day he learned that large corporations began experiments that threaten the city. And now Bob will rob them and not allow them to do dirty things.

The more Bob robs, the further the fame spreads about him. Even secret organizations seek the help of such a skilled robber to save the world from mad scientists by stealing important documents.

In addition to this, in the Bob The Robber category you will find games where Bob travels the world and robs various organizations or embarks on a dangerous journey to the natives to find treasures. 

In games from the Bob The Robber series, you need to control the Bob robber avatar. Each level of these games is housed in a maze. To pass the level you need to collect money and get to the room with the directional arrows. But on the way to money, dangers and traps await you, which you can only get through savvy, dexterity and attentiveness. After all, an alarm will instantly call a police outfit and cut off all the paths to retreat. Surveillance cameras and infrared rays, as well as combination locks - all this you will meet on the way to wealth.

Also in the Bob The Robber category, Bob has to solve various puzzles. For example, to break the lock or cut the power cable to the laser beams. Also, many organizations hire security guards who closely monitor the money. Cut down the security guards and hide from the police and crazy scientists.

In the Bob The Robber category, you will find a whole series of exciting games that will definitely not leave you indifferent. Go through the levels and collect money that you can spend in the game store. Furnish Bob’s apartment for your taste or buy suits that will help the robber get lost among other characters and easily complete the mission. In addition, you will find a huge selection of different useful devices in the store. Rather, play incredibly interesting games that you don’t want to tear yourself away for even a minute!